Medication Made Simple with KennePac

KennePac is Kennebec Pharmacy's new medication packaging and patient adherence program that is design to assist you in taking your medications as directed. With KennePac, managing medications is simple. We transform multiple pill bottles or boxes into simplified, pre-sorted, and easy-to-open packaging that is customized to your medications. 


With KennePac you receive: 

  • Prescriptions refilled once a month, available for pick-up or by delivery.

  • Easy-to-open, pre-sorted pouches so you no longer have to worry about filling, sorting, or carrying medication bottles.

  • Peace of mind in knowing that you are getting the right medication, in the right dose, at the right time.

  • The support of our local pharmacists who are available to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have about your medications.

Taking your medications is safer and easier than ever before.

With KennePac, Your prescriptions are easy to understand. Each pouch includes clearly printed instructions and includes:


1. Easy-to-open packaging

2. Patient name

3. Date of administration

4. Time of administration

5. Medication name, strength, and quantity


 Your Medications are ready to go when you are.

KennePac is easy to carry and perfect for traveling. Just take the pouches needed for the dates and times you will be away from home.

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