KennePac Program Specifics

KennePac is Kennebec Pharmacy’s medication packaging and adherence program that is designed to assist you in taking your medications as directed. Our pharmacy works with you, your doctors, and insurance company to help make your transition as smooth as possible.

We ask that you follow these additional instructions to ensure your KennePac is filled correctly. Please review the following requirements:

  1. In order to ensure that the correct medications are packaged for you, please notify us as soon as possible with any medication changes. Ideally, at least 10 days before your current medications run out. 

  2. KennePac packaging is not child-resistant. By enrolling in this program, you are requesting a waiver of this regulation and approving that your medications be dispensed in non-child-resistant packaging until further written notification.

  3. KennePac pouches are packaged specifically for your medication needs and cannot be returned to our inventory if you do not pick them up.

  4. Your KennePac will be automatically filled and billed to your credit/debit card, and/or insurance provider every four weeks. Your pouches will then be available for pickup or delivery from your local Kennebec Pharmacy.

  5. A medication management fee of $15/month will be added to the cost of your monthly KennePac. This nominal fee of less than 50 cents per day is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that comes with knowing your prescriptions will now be packaged in easy to open, time-specific pouches. This will eliminate confusion and help to ensure you are taking the right medication, in the right dose, at the right time.

Are you ready to simplify your medications with KennePac? 

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