KennePac FAQs

What is KennePac?
KennePac is Kennebec Pharmacy’s medication packaging and patient adherence program designed to help you take your medications as directed. KennePac makes taking medications simple. We transform multiple pill bottles into easy to open, pre-sorted, and time-specific pouches so you no longer have to worry about filling, sorting, or carrying medication bottles. 

What medications can be filled in my KennePac?
Any of your routine maintenance prescriptions as well as over-the-counter medications and vitamins can be filled in your KennePac. 

All controlled schedule II, soluble, or as-needed medications cannot be included and will be filled separately. 

How will I get my prescriptions that cannot be included in KennePac?
Kennebec Pharmacy & Home Care is a full-service pharmacy and can fill all of your non-pouchable medications including insulins and inhalers. These medications will be packaged separately and can be picked up at your local Kennebec Pharmacy or included with your monthly KennePac Delivery. 

Can I still use KennePac if my medications are currently on different schedules?
Yes. Synchronizing medication schedules is one of the first steps taken when enrolled in the program. Our pharmacy will communicate with your physician and insurance provider to get all of your prescriptions on the same fill schedule.

What happens if my doctor adds a new medication in the middle of the month?
Initially, the new prescription will be filled separately with enough medication to get you to your next scheduled refill date, then it will be added to your monthly KennePac.

Is there a charge for this service?
Yes. The Medication Management fee for KennePac is $15 per month, which is less than 50 cents per day or the cost of a cup of coffee each week.

What is included in my monthly Medication Management Fee?
Your prescriptions will now be packaged in easy-open, time specific pouches, eliminating the confusion of how and when you take your medications.

You also receive the support of our local pharmacists who are available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have about your medications or the service.

How do I pay for my KennePac Prescriptions?
Upon enrollment, you will be required to provide a credit or debit card that will be kept on file. You will be charged automatically for your medications at the time of dispensing. 

How will my KennePac arrive?
Your KennePac and any other prescriptions will be available for pick-up from your local Kennebec Pharmacy or by delivery.

At your initial start on KennePac, you will receive your packaged medications as well as a reusable dispenser that will hold each month’s supply. Your medications will be filled and you will receive a new roll of pouches every 4 weeks. 

How do I sign up for KennePac?
You can submit our online enrollment form to begin the process or talk to a pharmacist at any of our locations.  

Other questions? Talk to your local Kennebec Pharmacist or call (207) 626-9066.