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Clinician Downloads and Cheat Sheets

Listing of services provided by Kennebec Pharmacy & Home Care

Home Infusion Referral Form "” used by our Intake Department to get patient information for starting services

Patient's Financial Responsibility Form

Cheat Sheets for CADD Prizm pump procedures

Changing The Battery in CADD Pump

CONTINUOUS Mode (change bag)

CONTINUOUS Mode (add new bag)

INTERMITTENT Mode (add new bag)

PCA Mode (change bag)

PCA Mode (add new bag)

PCA Mode (change rate, volume, and bolus)

PCA Mode (change site without changing bag)

TPN Mode (continuous bag change)

TPN Mode (cycling bag start)

Patient Information

Information For Patients on The CADD Prizm pump and 5FU therapy

Intrathecal Catheter and Medication "” Information for patients on caring for Intrathecal pump and site

Intramuscular Medication Administration "” Information for patients on Intramuscular injections

IV Push Administration "” Information for patients on IV Therapy using IV Push Method

Information for patients on IV therapy using Gravity or Vista Basic pump

Information for patients on IV therapy using the ReadyMED disposable pump

Subcutaneous Medicine Administration "” Information for patients on preparing Subcutaneous Injections

TPN Administration "” Information for patients on preparing TPN therapies

These forms are intended to be downloaded and printed by our clinical associates and then faxed, if necessary, to our clinical fax at 623-1960.