Women's Health

Many women have concerns about: menopausal symptoms, osteoporosis, heart disease, thyroid disorders, aging and much more.  Kennebec Pharmacy & Home Care has a women's health program.  We work with your practitioners to help assess hormone levels to ease symptoms and regain your vitality.

BHRT hormone therapy for good health

By measuring individual hormone levels via blood or saliva, your practitioner can create a customized bio-identical hormone regimen.  Bio-identical hormones can ease such symptoms as: hot flashes, night sweats, feminine dryness, sleeplessness, irritability, moodiness, foggy thinking and low libido.  A Kennebec Pharmacy & Home Care compounding pharmacist can be a valuable member of your hormone replacement care team, working with you and your healthcare provider to formulate the best treatment for your individual needs.

Contact us at (207)594-0888. We will be happy to discuss treatment options with you or your doctor.