Home Infusion

What is Home Infusion Therapy?
Home infusion therapy is the administration of medication directly into the bloodstream while the patient remains in the home setting.   Home infusion therapy is often used as a continuation of therapy that is started in the hospital or doctor's office and is often necessary for severe conditions that cannot be effectively treated with oral medications.  Conditions treated by home infusion therapy include: infections not responsive to oral antibiotics, cancer and cancer related pain, dehydration, immune deficiencies, and multiple sclerosis.

What are the benefits of Home Infusion Therapy?
Receiving IV medication in the home gives patients the comfort of a familiar environment and allows them the freedom to continue their normal daily activities.  In addition to comfort and convenience, home infusion therapy is more affordable than an expensive hospital admission and reduces the patient's risk of getting a hospital acquired infection.

Role of KPHC Clinicians:
KPHC has an experienced clinical staff of pharmacists and nurses who provide specialized care to our home infusion patients including:
  • Initial patient assessment of patient history, physical and mental status, lab reports, cognitive and psychosocial status, family support, prescribed treatment, and full medication profile review.
  • Care planning to consider actual or potential drug or equipment related problems, therapy monitoring with specific patient goals, and coordination of care with other providers such as home health and physicians.
  • Patient education of: medication storage and handling, equipment, vascular access device management, and recognition and reporting of adverse drug reactions.
  • Ongoing patient monitoring and reassessment for response to treatment, drug complications, adverse reactions, and patient compliance.
  • Laboratory monitoring.

KPHC also takes great care in:
  • Maintenance of physical facility.
  • Preparation of sterile products.
  • Maintenance of appropriate procedures for the compounding and distribution of sterile infusions.
  • Dispensing and quality control of all infusion medications and equipment.
  • Ongoing employee education and competence validation activities.

Benefits to KPHC Infusion Patients and Referral Sources:
  • Therapy at home allows patient to carry on normal daily activities.
  • Therapy at home decreases the risk of hospital acquired infections.
  • Home infusion therapy is more affordable that a hospital admission or a clinic infusion.
  • Experienced Clinical Team on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Infusion Reimbursement Team that handle benefit verification and paperwork necessary to start and continue with the prescribed therapy.

KPHC is nationally accredited through ACHC.