Need to Know: Browntail Moth Itch

Browntail Moth Rash, also known as Browntail Moth Itch, occurs after coming into contact with the poisonous hairs shed by browntail moth caterpillars. These microscopic hairs can be airborne and are found everywhere in browntail infested areas including trees, lawns, gardens, decks, and picnic tables. Browntail moth caterpillars are active from May-July which is when most rashes occur. However, hairs can remain toxic for up to three years so it is possible for a reaction to be seen at other times throughout the year as well. Similar to poison ivy, browntail moth rash tends to be red, bumpy and itchy and can cause discomfort to those affected for hours or even weeks. As a result of inhaling the poisonous hairs, Individuals can also experience respiratory issues such as having a hard time breathing.

Dr. Kate's blog- Why choose HRT?

Do you feel like yourself? Do you feel like your hormones are out of whack? Maybe you have hot flashes and night sweats which are classic peri/menopausal symptoms. But maybe you are irritable, moody, bloated, don't sleep well and don't think as well as you used to. Or perhaps you are having trouble losing weight. These common symptoms are likely an indication of a hormone imbalance and are very common in the years surrounding menopause.


I frequently see women with some...

Important information you may not know about Bio-identical hormones and why you need to read carefully

Below you will see facts about Bio-identical Hormones & how they can protect you from the deadliest diseases.  It is not just about symptom control.

Bio-identical estrogen, when given topically can lower  triglycerides, reduce LDL and is one of our body's anti-clotting factors.  It can also lower C-reactive protein to help avoid putting patients at risk for cardiovascular events.

Peri-menopause: Studies have shown that reproductive stage is a major determinant of the effect of estrogens on atherosclerosis progression, complications, and plaque vulnerability.   Starting hormones early is the best window of opportunity.
Clarkson TB. Estrogen effects on arteries vary with stage of reproductive life and extent of subclinical atherosclerosis progression. Menopause. 2007 May-Jun;14(3 Pt 1):373-84

The Cache County Study- Published in JAMA 12 years ago:  Women who took estrogen from menopause on, taking a good dose of estrogen for longer than 10 years- 90%...

Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Seminar

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement

Therapy: Truths & Benefits

Come learn about Natural Hormone Therapy using Bio-identical Hormones. We will teach you about the benefits behind keeping hormones at optimal levels. Discover different testing methods and how to resolve your symptoms. Q&A to follow.

Where: Kennebec Pharmacy & Home Care 43 Leighton Rd., Augusta

Time: 5:30pm-6:30pm Light refreshments will be provided.

Speaker: Tanya Kibler, RPh

Consultant Pharmacist

* Tanya is a Consultant Pharmacist and has worked with Bio-identical hormone replacement & saliva testing for over 15 years. She has spoken at numerous events and is a strong advocate of educating both the public and providers.

To sign up please email or call 626-2726 ext. 105