Reasons to replace your CPAP/BiPAP equipment...

  1. CPAP/BiPAP EquipmentCPAP supplies are disposable - Your CPAP mask, headgear, and tubing aren't meant to last forever!
  2. Cushions lose their seal over time - If you have to continually tighten and overtighten the headgear to maintain a seal with your mask, it will not fit comfortably and you can actually harm yourself in the process.
  3. Bacteria! - This becomes more difficult to eliminate as a mask ages.
  4. Dirty filters damage CPAP machines - The filters in a CPAP machine need to be replaced regularly.

To have your parts replaced call our Respiratory Therapy department at 626-2726 or 1(888) 463-8083.

Periodic replacement of CPAP and BiPAP supplies are covered by most insurance companies.