Senior Care

At Kennebec Senior Care, we understand the unique needs of residents in the long-term-care setting and have designed our pharmaceutical services with you in mind.

Our team of experienced pharmacists and support staff work with each resident's care team to ensure a seamless transition between our pharmacy and your facility. Kennebec Senior Care is here every step of the way.

As your facility's trusted pharmacy, we offer:
Specialized Packaging
We use the latest technology to package each residents medications to ensure accuracy and safety in administration. With our KennePac adherence packaging, your facility will receive each resident’s medications in pre-sorted pouches eliminating the need for additional sorting, allowing staff to spend less time on medication passes and more time on individualized care. 

Less Waste, More Savings 
Just like at home, when your loved one stops taking a medication, the remaining supply is often discarded—sometimes costing you and your loved one hundreds of dollars in unused medications.  In the event of frequent  medication changes, this added expense can be frustrating, and at times, overwhelming.  

Our medication process has allowed us to greatly reduce medication waste and the associated costs for each resident. We dispense medications in a one-week supply and bill monthly,  allowing your loved one to get the medications they need without added worry, waste, and expense. 


24/7 Pharmaceutical Support
We understand that situations may arise that cannot wait until the next business day. As your facility’s trusted pharmacy, Kennebec Senior Care is here when you need us—not just during business hours. Our pharmacy is open 7 days a week and our on-call staff is only a phone call away, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Competitive Pricing and Billing Support
We offer competitive pricing on brand name and generic medications, giving your loved one the medications they need at the lowest possible cost. We also offer support from our team of experienced billers who are familiar with many different types of insurance plans–including Medicare and Medicaid. They are available to answer any questions regarding coverage and will see that your loved one’s medication needs are met in the most cost effective way.   


We are a one-stop, reliable resource.
We offer a full suite of services that extend far beyond those of a traditional long-term-care pharmacy.
You can also look to us for:
     - Aid-to-Daily Living Products
     - Ambulatory Aids
     - Bathroom Safety Products
     - Manual & Electric Wheelchairs
     - Scooters
     - Seat Lift Chairs
     - Incontinence Supplies

     - CPAP/BiPAP
     - Nebulizer & Aerosol Therapies
     - Non-Invasive Ventilation 
     - Oxygen
     - Pulse Oximetry Studies