Specialty Care

With us, it’s personal and local.

Since 1995 Kennebec Pharmacy and Home Care has been providing retail, home infusion and long term care pharmaceutical services, as well as respiratory services and home medical equipment.
Our goal at Kennebec Pharmacy is to make better living possible by providing the necessary services to help you improve your overall health. With the addition of our Specialty Care Program, we are able to use our personalized approach to provide specialized care, administrative services, and support that is tailored to your needs and to help manage your chronic condition.  We are your one stop, local provider now offering Specialty Care Close to Home™.

Here to Serve You

Our Specialty Care team is trained and ready to help patients overcome the barriers often associated with specialty medications such as: high costs of specialty drugs, unfamiliar ways of administration (such as self-injections), and fears about possible side effects. 

Get your Specialty Medications Quickly and Stay on Track

Because specialty medications are typically very expensive, some insurance companies may impose prior authorization before use. We work behind the scenes for you to get the medications you need and help you stay on track.
Our patient care coordinators work on your behalf and act as the central point of contact between you, your doctor, and insurance companies. We assist with intake coordination, benefit investigation, prior authorization, co-pay card and manufacturer support enrollment and foundation assistance. We’ll help you get the medication your doctor has prescribed at the lowest possible cost.

Personal Attention for your Drug Therapy

Our Pharmacists will explain the proper administration techniques of your medications, offer in-person injection training and address any concerns about your medications and treatment. After pick up, we’re just a phone call away and will follow up with you to answer any questions after you’ve started the medication.

Convenient Access to your Medications

With our in-store and delivery options, you can conveniently pick up your specialty medications at your local Kennebec Pharmacy or have them shipped directly to your home.